All the Countries of the World Have Agreed to Implement
The UN Sustainable Development Goals and their Targets
By far the most important initiative and best opportunity for reform in the world ever

All the countries of the world, including the United States, have agreed to implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 Targets in their countries. Developed countries, including the U.S., have agreed to help all the developing countries with their implementation. This means all the countries of the world have committed to work together to resolve all the significant issues/problems of the world and to have:

  • World peace, no nuclear weapons, very few if any terrorist threats and all disputes or conflicts solved by peaceful means

  • No poverty or hunger and decent housing and nutrious food for all

  • Full employment and guaranteed living incomes

  • Reduced rate and degree of global warming and mitigation of its adverse effects

  • Healthcare for all with no co-payment or supplementals

  • Worldwide cooperation instead of competition

  • Good governance and strong institutions

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The spirit and intent of the SDGs and their Targets are clear, they are fantastic and cover everything. However, these Goals and Targets are not plans. They are also  severely underfunded and scheduled to take way too much time.

Although the UN SDGs have been in effect since January 1, 2016, our government has done very little to implement them or prepare plans for their implementation.

Millions of people and thousands of organizations all over the world are working or writing about solving the world's problems. However, we are not cooperating, collaborating and working together from a common strategy and plans nearly well enough. We are duplicating many efforts, missing important items and getting further behind in many areas, for example inequality which is increasing daily.


In his book, The Sane Society, Eric Fromm states: "Change must be a simultaneous change in economic, education, political and cultural spheres. Changes restricted to one sphere are destructive of every change.

This implies that we all must cooperate and work together from a common set of plans and coordinate and sequence our work and writing.

Description of
Action Plan - AP 50 Universal Strategic Plan to Prepare Target Action Plans (TAPs) for All UN SDG Targets, Make Preparations for their Implementation and Have a Peaceful, Prosperity, Just Sustainability World (USP)

To implement the SDGs, PeopleNow.org:

  • Has developed the Universal Strategic Plan and Global Movement to Prepare Target Action Plans (TAPs) for All 169 UN SDG Targets and to Make Preparations for their Implementation by both the Public and Private sectors to fix all significant problem and their underlying causes

  • Has 43 SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs) for the more urgent Targets in various stages of development.

Every significant paragraph of every TAP and USP document is uniquely numbered making it easier to recommend changes and edit these documents. Attachment A of the Common Agenda of SDG TAPS and USP Documents provides a Glossary of Terms and Description of the Standard Numbering System for all UN SDG TAPs, SDG Target Actions (TAs) and USP Documents.


Target Action Plans (TAPs) and/or Target Actions (TAs) will be developed for the remaining two thirds or so of the SDG Targets and all significant new events, e.g. the Paris Accords.


If someone is working on a significant issues for which there is no TA or TAP, one will be developed for that issue.

Appropriate TAPs from these being developed for the U.S. Federal Government will be replicated and modified for use in parallel plans in cities, states, other nations, the United Nations and its related organizations. Lessons learned and better ways to implement each TA and TAP will be fed back into all the TAs and TAPs as applicable.

Request every individual and organization possible in the public and private sectors learn about the TAPs and\or TAs you are interested in and/or already working on should cooperate, collaborate and work together in solidarity while being in charge of their own work

Significant work should be coordinated and sequenced not managed, from a central office

AP 45 Plan to to Rapidly and Permanently Disarm Nuclear Weapons and End Wars, Unemployment, Poverty, Hunger, Inequality, Racism, etc., Reduce the Rate and Degree of Global Warming and Climate Change and Mitigate their Adverse Effects Worldwide by the Public and Private Sectors Implementing the UN SDG Target Action Plans (TAPs)

The assistance of organizations and individuals is needed to help refine and implement this plan. Individuals do not need to read or understand the entire plan. Please Provide Comments and Questions and/or Sign-up for the Global Matrix Network.

Please note that the very urgent Target Actions will be implemented without waiting until the preparations are completed for all the less urgent TAPs.

Plan to End U.S. Wars/Occupations & Use of Force talk by Ron Fisher at a Rally in Lafayette Park across from the White House.

Introduction to the SDGs and SDG TAPs

Plan to Rapidly Implement Urgent UN SDG TAPs to End Wars, Unemployment Poverty, Hunger, etc. and Combat Climate Change 

 Funding & Donations Sources to fully Implement UN SDG TAPs and Reduce Inequalities  

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